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Cara Lamb, Robert Card’s ex -wife: Marriage life, divorce & son Colby Card

Cara Lamb, Robert Card's ex -wife
Cara Lamb, Robert Card's ex -wife

Cara Lamb has been identified as the ex-wife of Maine mass shooter, Robert Card.

Cara Lamb whom Card married in 2005 and divorced two years later, shares an 18-year-old son Colby Card.

Cara is 38 years old.

Court records reportedly show that Lamb and Card tied the knot on October 1, 2005, in Brunswick, Maine.

The couple jointly filed for divorce in 2007 in Sagahoc County court, citing irreconcilable differences.

In 2013 the divorce agreement was amended to include an ominous requirement, stipulating that ‘all guns in either party’s home shall be under lock and key during which time they are not being used.’

Maine stands out as one of the few Democrat-run states with notably loose gun laws, and only made it a crime to keep an unlocked firearm in a home with a child in 2021.

The state’s lawmakers also rejected three major gun control bills just months before the massacre, which would have required criminal background checks for gun purchases; created a 72-hour waiting period before someone could possess a gun after purchase; and outlawed modifications to semiautomatic weapons.

Card’s divorce amendment also saw Card ordered to pay $74 a week in child support, and he described himself as self-employed to the court and represented himself.

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In his final message to his son, which was found during the execution of a search warrant on Card’s home in Bowdoin, the gunman reportedly ‘gave information and instruction to others about where things could be found and disposed of,’ law enforcement sources told CNN.

It is unclear what Card said specifically to his son, with the outlet adding that the note appeared to be written to be read when ‘Card would no longer be alive.’

Where was Cara Lamb her son, Colby during the Maine shooting?

Cara Lamb her son, Colby were in hiding as the manhunt for the killer continued for over 48 hours, before he was found dead Friday evening of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound.

The terrified pair were understood to be in hiding while Card remained a fugitive-at-large, amid reports that he had been searching for an ex when he carried out the shooting that left 18 dead.

Before Card was found dead, the outlet reported that Lamb was not at her listed address, and a neighbor said he hadn’t seen her.

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