All about Cade Stover parents: Chelsi Stover, and Trevor Stover

Cade Stover parents: Chelsi Stover, and Trevor Stover
Cade Stover parents: Chelsi Stover, and Trevor Stover

Ohio State Buckeyes player Cade Stover was raised with a work ethic and determination he values both on the farm and on the football field.

When he’s not prepping for the next big game, he’s working alongside his parents to raise cattle and produce beef they are proud to put on your plate.

Here’s everything to know about Cade Stover parents, Chelsi Stover, and Trevor Stover

Who are Cade Stover parents?

Cade Stover, 22, was born on June 12, 2000 in Mansfield, Ohio to both Chelsi Stover and Trevor Stover

Before beginning his Buckeye career, Stover helped his parents run their farm, and his family owns two butcher shops, with one in his hometown Mansfield and the other in Powell.

Who is Trevor Stover, Cade Stover father?

Trevor Stover, Cade Stover father
Trevor Stover, Cade Stover father

Cade Stover’s father, Trevor Stover is a farmer by profession.

Trevor Stover, played college football at Bowling Green State University before pursuing his farming dream.

Trevor is also is part owner of an excavating company with his brother.

“My dad is the one who started our farm,” Stover said. “He started with just a couple acres and two Angus cows. He worked really hard to get to where we are today.”

In an interview, Cade revealed that his father has been his lifelong hair stylist.

“That’s right, my dad. He has been cutting my hair ever since I could walk. I’ve sported the same hairstyle since my early days. He has also given haircuts to Tommy and Bryson Shaw, who used to spend a lot of time at our place. We all used to live together.”

“Dad would work long hours at the excavating company, then he would come home and work more. We ate dinner as a family every night, but right after dinner dad was fixing something or working on something,” Stover said. “I learned most of what I know about fixing equipment by holding the flashlight for him.

Who is Chelsi Stover, Cade Stover’s mother?



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Cade Stover’s mother, Chelsi Stover is a nurse by profession.

Her birth date, early life details and family lineage are not available at this time.

Chelsi Stover and her husband Trevor run a farm and own two butcher shops.

They raise livestock and grow corn and alfalfa.

Stover’s mom, Chelsi, and two sisters, Gabby and Tatum, are huge help on the farm as well.

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