Argeinis Ibarra: Third Ibarra brother also arrested for entering country illegally

Argeinis Ibarra
Argeinis Ibarra

New details have emerged regarding the arrest of a third Ibarra brother in Athens, the day after Laken Riley was murdered on the University of Georgia campus.

Argenis Ibarra, aged 24, was apprehended on February 23, the same day his 26-year-old brother Jose Ibarra was arrested for the murder, and Diego Ibarra was taken into custody for possessing a fraudulent permanent resident card.

The United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has revealed that Argenis Ibarra first entered the country on April 3, 2023, alongside his 29-year-old brother Diego Ibarra near Eagle Pass, Texas.

Both brothers were returned by the U.S. Border Patrol on the same day.

However, they reentered the country unlawfully on April 30, 2023, near El Paso, Texas, which ultimately led to their subsequent arrests.

Argenis Ibarra was released from Border Patrol custody and given a notice to appear on May 4, 2023. An immigration hearing was scheduled for him in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, at a later date in 2024 by the Executive Office for Immigration Review.

Argenis Ibarra mentioned having relatives in Pennsylvania and expressed intentions to move there, which is why the hearing was scheduled in Philadelphia.

It is unclear whether he followed through with his plans to relocate to Pennsylvania after his release. Diego, on the other hand, displayed aggressive behavior during his arrest and even bit one of the officers.

He was taken to a medical center due to chest pains and was subsequently placed in an “Alternatives to Detention” program on May 11, 2023.

The following day, he was released with a monitoring device, which was later discovered in Colorado.

Arrival date in Athens unknown

The exact arrival of the three brothers in Athens is unknown, although it appears that Diego was in Athens before Jose.

Jose Ibarra was already in the country when his brothers arrived, entering illegally near El Paso, Texas, in 2022, according to ICE. However, he and his wife and child were sent to New York City. After he was arrested for endangering a child in 2023, Jose moved to Athens, where he was apprehended with Diego for shoplifting in October 2022.

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