Who is Mayra Flores? Bio, age, family & other interesting facts you need to know

Mayra Flores
Mayra Flores

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Who is Mayra Flores?

Mayra Flores is an American Healthcare worker and a politician who was born and raised in Burgos Tamaulipas, Mexico.

Her parents and grandparents raised her with strong conservative values and to always put God and family first. She came legally to the United States at six years old with the help of her father.

Her father gave her family the biggest gift, the gift of becoming a proud, naturalized American Citizen.

Her parents were migrant workers, and like all migrant kids, she moved a lot growing up.


She spent most of her life in the Rio Grande Valley and in 2004, she graduated high school in San Benito, TX.

Growing up, Mayra worked alongside her parents in the cotton fields in Memphis, TX to earn extra money for school clothes and supplies.

Instilling the value of hard work and the importance of education in her at a young age, Mayra remains a firm believer in the American Dream and will always fight so that others can achieve it as she has.

She is eternally grateful to her parents for providing her with an opportunity to come to this amazing country to live the American Dream.

Mayra graduated in 2014 as a Respiratory Care Practitioner with the support of her family.

She continued her studies and graduated with a Bachelors in Organizational Leadership from South Texas College.

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Her career experience includes working as a respiratory care practitioner.

She currently works caring for the elderly and disabled with chronic respiratory issues and has been on the front lines helping patients combat COVID-19.

Mayra currently serves as the Hidalgo County GOP Hispanic Outreach Chair and has played a critical role in growing and maintaining Republican support across South Texas.

Private Life

She is a proud U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) wife and a mother, fighting for a better future for the children of South Texas.

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