Who Is Elle Watson On Byron Baes and how old is she?

Elle Watson

After appearing on Netflix’s Byron Baes, Elle Watson has received many questions, many relating to her career, height, and age.

All your questions are answered in this article.

Who is Elle Watson?

Elle Watson, one of the cast members from Byron Baes, has been residing at Byron Bay for a very long time. 

She works as Executive Director at One. 

Moreover, Elle seems to be concerned about all worldwide issues and has established an organization, Sustainability Fund, which will work towards fighting and addressing climate change.

Apart from her these, Elle is a renowned social media influencer as well and makes money from Instagram.

 Elle Watson Instagram

Stalking her Instagram account, it can be deduced that Elle is quite into going on vacation, and almost all of her feed is filled with vacation photos.

During her cast on Byron Baes, Elle Watson was quite friendly with all the cast members, however, she was more close to Hannah, and maybe they were kinda best friends.

Being a decent friend, she helped Hannah to get over Jessica’s drama and stood by her side throughout the show.


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How Old Is The Byron Baes Cast?

Although Elle has not disclosed her age for her fans, the dark-haired beauty with a sculpted face and pouty lips looks to be in her 30s.

Elle Watson Height

Elle Watson stands tall at a height above 5 feet 7 inches (170 cm).

Where Is Elle Watson From?

Elle hails from Terrigal, New South Wales, Australia.But after filming Byron Bay, she moved to Los Angeles, California.



According to Byron Baes, she works in an investment company. 

Plus, as an investor, she funds in projects that save the planet and has 14+ years of experience in local, domestic and international business.

On the other hand, her salary is still a confidential matter.

Elle Watson Net Worth Revealed

Her net worth is yet to be reviewed.

She has mentioned herself as a philanthropist. 

So, she must make a generous amount of money as an investor, influencer, and businesswoman.

Husband Or Partner, Is She Married?

Several pictures of her with males can be seen on her Instagram account, but she has declined to explain her relationship with them.

Although Elle was in a loving relationship with her partner, Stav, he did not seem to mind that she resided with her close friend, Nathan Favro.

In fact, Stav also came down to Byron Bay once every fortnight and was accepted as a part of the influencer group.

Find Elle Watson On Wikipedia

Elle sure has an engaging social media and must be doing good as an influencer, but this certainly is not enough for Wikipedia to enlist her on the page.

However, this show will surely help her gain popularity internationally, making prestigious sites write about her.

On the contrary, one can find a generous amount of her detail on her website

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