Using my talent has really paid – OB Amponsah

OB Amponsah

Ghanaian comedian who doubles as a trained optometrist, OB Amponsah has said that using your talent well pays off big. 

The comedian who used himself as an example insisted that his good use of his talent, comedy has paid him off big time.

OB Amponsah is known as one of ghana’s fastest rising comedians taking ghana’s comedy industry to the world. 

In an interview with Accra based Classs Fm, OB Amponsaah stated that after he took his talent comedy serious, he has bought a car, performed in front of prominent people in society and has travelled far and wide in the name of comedy. He indicated that his trained field optometry hasn’t given him that foot. He advised young ones to use their talents to the best of their abilities. 

He said; “I wouldn’t say I’m a rich comedian now. Comedy pays. Comedy really pays so I would say that… in fact, not comedy. Talent pays. Talent, when you use it very well, it pays.”

“I bought a car with comedy money. It wasn’t optometry money”.

“I’ve performed to the President. It wasn’t because I’m an optometrist,”


Written by K Oteng

K.Oteng is a reporter and editor for based in Accra-Ghana

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