Ghana is not a place for homosexuals – Sam George strongly argues for the passing of the Anti-LGBTQ Bill in Ghana on CNN [Video]

Sam George Cnn
Sam George Cnn

Sam George, the Ningo-Prampram MP has maintained his strong position on the criminalization of LGBTQ in Ghana while appearing on CNN.

In an interview with CNN, the legislator explained his stance on the anti-LGBTQ bill,which the Parliament of Ghana is looking forward to debating on and possibly getting it passed.

Even though the discussion about LGBTQ has become very critical and volatile, especially for people like Sam George who strongly advocates criminalizing it in Ghana, the MP had to explain their reasoning behind their decision to get the bill approved.

The Anti-LGBTQ Bill has been met with arguments both for and against its passing with many citing human rights abuses and the intrusion of liberties of citizens entitled to freely choose their sexual preferences.

During the interview with CNN, Sam George maintained that LGBTQ is alien to the Ghanaian culture and will never be allowed to fester in the country. He maintained that although the counter-arguments on human rights and related issues are valid, the MPs of Ghana’s Parliament will ensure that the Anti-LGBTQ Bill is passed.

Hard as the interviewer tried to convince Sam George or better still appeal to his conscience on the merits and demerits of the passing of the Anti-LGBTQ Bill and what it will mean to people who practise it across the world, he stood his grounds by engaging in an intellectual argument about the concerted decision of almost the entire populace to see to the banning of LGBTQ in Ghana.

Already, a survey conducted recently revealed that about 93 per cent of Ghanaians agree that LGBTQ should not be legalized in Ghana. These people believe LGBTQ needs to be criminalized and have thrown their weights behind Sam George and other like-minded legislators pushing for the passing of the anti-LGBTQ Bill.

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