Princess Shyngle Reveals Why She Sold Her Car And Left The Four-Bedroom Apartment In Legon

Most young ladies in recent times try to impress their peers on social media by living lives beyond their standards, making them go through lots of stress just to keep up.

Ghanaian based Gambian actress and producer Princess Shyngle, who is known for her tiny waist has shared with her fans and the world why she sold her car(Porsche) and left her four bedroom house to live in a studio apartment.

Princess Shyngle bought herself a Porsche and also rented a three-bedroom apartment when she first came to Ghana about 5 years ago. According to Shyngle, she wanted to be known as that big girl who could afford to spend on anything and at anytime. She also  wanted to keep up by living that lavish lifestyle but then realized it was eating up all her money she’s worked hard to save over the years.

Few hours ago, Princess Shyngle explained why she had to sell her car and leave the three bedroom apartment which she rented for two years and how she now lives in a studio apartment.

Shyngle said all those things were the dumbest things she ever did as she was only trying to impress the world and the glam.

According to the actress, she has lands and houses now which bring her monthly income and also enables salary payment to herself end of every month.

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