Moon Phase TikTok : Follow these 6 steps to participate in a TikTok challenge

Moon Phase TikTok

The “Moon Phase ” is dominating social media as users compare their moon phases with another person to determine if they are “soulmates”.

The moon phase trend sees a person find out what the moon’s phase was on the day they were born and then compare it to the phase of the person they wish to compare to.

The video will then show the two phases side-by-side.

According to the “moon phase soulmate” trend on the social media app, someone can determine if another person is their “soulmate” by layering the two phases and seeing how well they fit together.

How to do Moon phase trend on TikTok?

Moon Phase TikTok

If you want to participate in the moon phase soulmate trend on TikTok, follow these 6 steps

  1. Begin by visiting moon phases website and input your birth date, then take a screenshot of the corresponding moon phase and crop it to your liking.
  2. Redo the procedure using your partner’s details, making sure to crop the moon phase to match the first image.
  3. Next, download the CapCut app and find a video of the soulmate trend that uses the CapCut template on TikTok.
  4. Tap ‘CapCut Try this template,’ then ‘Use template in CapCut’ and select ‘use template’ in CapCut.
  5. Choose the two moon phase images from your photos, preview the video, and edit the text to include your and your partner’s birthdays.
  6. Finally, click ‘Add sound in TikTok’ to export your creation.


@tiffanyzoeller What does the moon know anyway 🙄🌖 #moonphasetrend #moonphase #couples ♬ Every Summertime – NIKI

Now you should know if your partner is your soulmate or not based on a TikTok trend!! It’s completely backed by science obviously.

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