Amber Millard is Nathan Millard wife

Amber Millard is Nathan Millard wife
Amber Millard is Nathan Millard wife

Amber Millard is the wife of Nathan Millard, the 42-year-old executive from Covington, Georgia, went missing on February 22 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana whilst on a short work trip.

Amber Millard is Nathan Millard biologically share a 7-year-old daughter.

Reacting to the news of her missing husband, Amber Millard told local NBC affiliate based in Atlanta WXIA: “My mind has been going nonstop, but I can’t let my mind torture me, and I’m just turning it over to God and prayer, prayer, prayer, staying positive.

“He’s a loved man, a great man and we need him, we want him home.”

The business trip was only meant to be for 24 hours, Amber said.

Amber Millard, also said police were able to find his wallet at the Greyhound Bus Station on Florida Boulevard.

She said his credit card was in the wallet but not an ID.

Amber Millard said her husband is her best friend. When he left for a business trip, she said she never imagined he would soon be reported missing.

Nathan Millard was a Director of Construction at Advanced Construction, as per his LinkedIn profile.

Millard was a father to two teenage boys from a previous marriage and two teenage stepsons.

Nathan Millard confirmed dead

The body of Nathan Millard has been found, according to the Baton Rouge Police Department.

Police said Nathan Millard, 42, was found dead Monday, March 6, around 3:34 a.m. in the 2900 block of Scenic Hwy.

His body was found in a vacant lot, family members confirmed.

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