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Lynn Zinser: Portland mother finds homeless woman in her son’s bed ( Details )

Lynn Zinser
Lynn Zinser

A Portland, Oregon mother who found a homeless woman in her son’s bed is still in a complete state of shock after the stranger was released from jail.

The Portland mother, Kelsey Smith, revealed that when she heard the dogs barking, she checked the front door as contractors were supposed to work on an accessible bathroom for her son.

After following the dogs to her son’s bathroom, she saw that someone who was later identified as Lynn Zinser was under a pile of clothes.

Her son was not in the room at the time.

After backing out of the room and calling for help, Smith was bum rushed by Lynn Zinser,  who had picked up an ottoman and threw it at her before leaving the home.

The frightening ordeal was caught on a camera that Smith has set up in the room to monitor her son’s medical condition.

Police later identified the culprit as Lynn Zinser, 54, who was arrested and booked into the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office jail on charges of burglary and harassment.

But, no sooner than she had been arrested, her charges were dropped and she was free to walk the streets of the famously liberal town once again.

Zinser’s bail was set at a baffling $0 with the District Attorney’s Office said to be gathering more evidence before they move forward with any further charges against her.

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