Opening Pandora’s Box With Salma EPK

Opening Pandora’s Box With Salma EPK
Opening Pandora’s Box With Salma EPK

The quest for unbridled submission has led countries like Ghana to issue measures like the right to information.

The RTI opens more lacunas like freedom of speech but not freedom after speech. The solution arises like the desert sun from the stables or off clear lens.

Introducing a podcast that makes light of every gag and shackle, saying it as it is, bringing you the news with the biggest possible view.

The show is anchored by Salma Mumin, an African celebrity blessed with Nubian beauty and a social media following of over 2 million pairs of eyes, waiting eagerly to gulp every info from her platform.

The show is produced by a movie dark horse, Caleb Ameh, pooling together the finest analysts, orators, and brainiacs in the enclave hence serving a meal of issues, nourishing to the physical and subconscious.

Opening Pandora’s Box with Salma has hit the ground and the tremors and aftershocks will be felt for some time to come.

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