Leevon Smith: Details of how Chicago off-duty female cop shoots robber after he tried to grab her gun

Leevon Smith
Leevon Smith

On January 17, a Chicago off-duty female cop shot a robbery suspect identified as Leevon Smith dead

According to multiple reports online, Leevon Smith tried to attack the Chicago off-duty female cop and steal her gun.

The officer originally tried to break up a fight involving Smith and three others outside of an apartment building on the city’s notoriously violent South Side.

After the others left, video shows the officer and Smith talking for a few seconds.

The moment the officer turns her back, Smith attempts to grab a gun.

They struggle and wind up wrestling on the ground with her shoes coming off.

Two shots can be heard at which point he can be heard saying: ‘You got me, you got me.’

As she screamed for neighbors to call 911, the officer shouts at Smith: ‘I told your dumb a**, I’d kill you.’

She then fires a third and final shot.

“Damn, baby, I’m sorry. OK, OK, OK!” Smith replied.

“Now your dumb— going to jail,” she told him.

“I don’t want to die, baby. Please.” he replied.

The officer shouted for someone to call for help. “Call the police, I just shot somebody!”

“You thought I was playing?” the officer shouted. “I told you I’d shoot you.”

“He tried to steal the gun from me. Call the police!” she shouted. Voices in one of the videos are heard speaking to the officer. She continues to tell them to call the police. A man is heard saying, “Call the police guys.”

“I don’t give a f— about him,” the officer said. “He just tried to rob me.” 

COPA released a 911 call that was placed during the original argument between the four individuals, and a male’s voice can be heard saying, “Give me my bag, bro. These people took my bag and won’t give me my bag back.”

Other voices can be heard arguing with the male.

Witnesses called 911.

“There’s a lady outside with a gun, and she shot somebody, y’all,” one woman said.

The officer called 911 and told a dispatcher she had shot someone and was off duty.

“He tried to rob me,” she told the operator.

Watch Leevon Smith video below

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