Kevin Cataneo Salazar parents: Who are his Mother & Father?

Kevin Cataneo Salazar
Kevin Cataneo Salazar

Authorities have detained a suspect in the ambush killing of a Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputy over the weekend, Sheriff Robert Luna said Monday.

The suspect, 29-year-old Kevin Cataneo Salazar, was taken into custody around 5 a.m. after an hours-long standoff, Sheriff Robert Luna said during a press conference.

“Thirty-six hours after the murder of our deputy, the men and women of our department arrested him early this morning.”

Luna said community members came forward on Sunday with information that led homicide detectives to identify the then-outstanding suspect.

On Monday, authorities served a search warrant at a home on Barrinson Street.

Deputies surrounded the residence, a house, and called out everyone inside early Monday morning.

Family members exited the house, Luna said, but the suspect barricaded himself inside for several hours.

Who are Kevin Cataneo Salazar parents?

Kevin Cataneo Salazar mother, Marle Salazar
Kevin Cataneo Salazar mother, Marle Salazar

Marle Salazar has been identified as the mother of Kevin Cataneo Salazar, the suspect accused of shooting and killing a Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputy while he was in his patrol vehicle in Palmdale.

Details about his father is not known at the moment.

Marle Salazar reacts to the news of his son’s arrest

“I want you to know that my son has schizophrenia and delusional perceptions and the police know this,” his mother, Marle Salazar, wearily told a throng of reporters in Spanish on Monday as they converged on her residence in the 37600 block of Barrinson Street. “They know my son is sick. And if they are going to judge him, then they need to judge him with the condition he has.”

Marle Salazar said she wasn’t minimizing Clinkunbroomer’s slaying, but added that if her son is responsible he likely committed the killing in a “moment of sickness.”

“I am not saying that if he did this, that it is OK,” she said. “The only thing I ask is for his illness to be recognized.”

Several times over the past four to six years, Marle Salazar said, she had summoned law enforcement to her home to help with her son. “When the police spoke with him, they said, ‘You know what, if you don’t want to take your medicine, then we cannot do anything to help,’ ” she recounted.

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