Alabama’s Julian Sayin parents: Father Dan Sayin and mother Karen Bradenburg

Alabama's Julian Sayin parents
Alabama's Julian Sayin parents

Julian Sayin parents, Dan Sayin and mother Karen Bradenburg raised him in Carlsbad, a city near San Diego, in California.

Julian is an American football quarterback who played at Carlsbad (Calif.) High School, enrolled in classes last week but has 30 days to enter the portal due to Nick Saban’s retirement.

Sayin, who originally committed to Alabama in November 2022, ascended to the top of the national quarterback rankings in the fall.

With a lot said about the football player, we tune our focus to his parents, Dan Sayin and Karen Bradenburg.

Who are Julian Sayin parents?

Julian Sayin parents, Dan Sayin and Karen Bradenburg met when they were in college.

They married and moved to Florida, where they lived for 18 years and were season ticket holders for Tampa Bay Buccaneers games from 1989 through 2004.

The family then moved to the San Diego area shortly before Julian was born.

Julian Sayin’s mother: Karen Bradenburg

Julian Sayin’s mother, Karen also used to run a bakery.

Currently, she is the treasurer for Carlsbad’s football team and makes her son plant-based protein shakes.

Julian Sayin’s father: Dan Sayin

Julian Sayin's father: Dan Sayin
Julian Sayin’s father: Dan Sayin

Julian’s father, Dan Sayin is an edibles chef and the founder of Biss Cannabis.

He has 30 years experience in confections, extensive contacts for ingredient sourcing and white label manufacturing, and an understanding of edibles infusion and testing requirements. 

He spent his college years as an athlete on the East Coast, competing as a college boxer at the University of Delaware.

In 2021, he went back to school and obtained a post-baccalaureate degree in cannabis science: therapeutics, product design, and quality assurance from the Maryland University of Integrative Health.

With knowledge in production, Dan partnered with a group to form an edibles manufacturing and distribution platform in Palm Springs, CA.

Julian Sayin’s siblings

Sayin’s older brother, Aidan, is currently the starting quarterback at the University of Pennsylvania.

His older sister, Bailey, played soccer at the University of Chicago.

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