Jennifer Lee Barton, Randy Meisner ex- wife & children – What we know

Jennifer Lee Barton, Randy Meisner ex- wife
Jennifer Lee Barton, Randy Meisner ex- wife

The late Eagles’ co-founder, Randy Meisner, was married twice during his lifetime and he shared three children with his first wife Jennifer Lee Barton.

Who is Jennifer Lee Barton, Randy Meisner ex- wife?

Jennifer Lee Barton is the first wife of American musician, singer, songwriter and founding member of the Eagles, Randy Meisner.

Jennifer Barton and Randy Meisner’s paths crossed during the 1960s.

Jennifer and Randy got married in 1963.

Randy’s marriage with Jennifer came before his massive success with The Eagles and lasted nearly 20 years.

The late bassist ended his marriage with Jennifer in 1981, just four years after he left the band.

Notably, when Randy married his first wife, he was still in his teens, as he was around 17 years old, per NPR.

Jennifer Lee Barton and Randy Meisner children

Randy welcomed all three of his kids with his first wife, Jennifer.

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Their first son, Dana Scott Meisner, was born in Nov 1963, while their twins, Heather Leigh and Eric Shane Meisner, were born in May 1970.

It is unclear if Randy’s kids maintained a relationship with their father as adults and in the years leading up to his death.

However, the 2016 CBS News article noted that at the time, he was estranged from his kids.

Not much is known about the personal or professional lives of Randy’s kids, but the eldest son is 60 years now.

The siblings were also in the news before the passing of Lana, when they were reportedly trying to file for Randy’s conservatorship, but the musician wanted to have his two close friends as his conservators.

TMZ reports, Randy’s children’s attempt to get a conservatorship eventually failed.

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