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Nikita Dragun
Nikita Dragun

Nikita Dragun, also known as Mama Dragun, is an American makeup artist and beauty blogger with over 2.1 million followers thanks to her makeup tutorials, challenges, and vlogs.

Nikita Dragun first announced her transgender identity in college and has since gained popularity as a mainstream beauty influencer and trans woman.

Date of Birth

Nikita Dragun was born on January 31, 1996.


Nikita Dragun is 23 years old at the moment.

Early Life

Born in Belgium, Nikita Dragun attended high school in Virginia.

Although she was Vietnamese and Mexican by birth, her transition as a transgender person began as a teenager.

She has spoken openly about her transition in a number of her YouTube videos.

As a student, Dragun was recognized as female after getting a fake ID under the name Nicole.

Dragun later moved to Los Angeles, where she obtained her business degree at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising.

She said, “I was very Hannah Montana at the time. I would be in class, and we’d talk about influencers and brand deals, and my face would pop up on the screen and they’d start talking about me! They had no idea that I was sitting in the class. I never wanted anyone to know.”


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In February 2013, Dragun began her career as a YouTuber.

Currently, Nikita Dragun has over 3.68 million subscribers on YouTube, 9.1 million followers on Instagram, and 13.6 million followers on TikTok.

In March 2019, she launched her own make-up line, Dragun Beauty.

The cosmetic line is not just aimed at the mainstream market, but also at transgender people.

In September 2019, Nikita announced she would star in her own Snapchat series, “Nikita Unfiltered“.

The series depicts Dragun as she searches for love, pursues “a different career path”, and tries to navigate fame as a transgender woman.

On March 21, 2020, the series aired for the first time.

Nikita Dragun boyfriend

Oscar Utierre used to be her boyfriend. Their relationship has lasted for several years.

They kept their relationships hidden, and Nikita’s vlog titled EX BOYFRIEND DOES MY MAKEUP shows only the relationship when it occurs. The fact that we are aware of it is not new.

According to reports, she is now dating model Michael Yerger.

Nikita Dragun before and after

It is assumed that Nikita Dragun is a boy, and many people ask the following questions: “Is Nikita Dragun trans?”.

In other words, she is not a boy, but she is transgender and is proud of her decision.

While she was still an adolescent,  Nikita Dragun never felt completely comfortable and satisfied with her body.

Her mother noticed such changes in her behavior from a very young age.

According to Nikita, it was on the first day of physical education.

There were two lines for girls and boys accordingly. Nikita joined the girl’s one. The Instagram diva says the following about that time:

I was never really uncomfortable with it before, I used to go swimming at the pool and go to the beach all the time, but just like that, overnight I was suddenly so uncomfortable because everyone viewed me as feminine, I looked like a girl and I was treated like a girl by the end of high school because I was so androgynous at the absolute peak of being gay.


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A post shared by Mother of Draguns (@nikitadragun)

Recently, Mother of Draguns had a successful surgery transiting from male to female.

Now she is happy and satisfied with her appearance.

The blogger started a campaign to support such people as she is.

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