James Rayl: Details of how a father shoot and killed his daughter’s ex-boyfriend after breaking into home

James Rayl
James Rayl

About a month ago, a Sidney man identified as James Rayl was shot dead after breaking into a home in Shelby County Sunday.

The Shelby County Sheriff’s Office said they received a 911 call on report of a man at the front door trying to gain entry to a residence in the 2900 block of North Kuther Road, according to a release.

Here are details of how a father shoot and killed his daughter’s ex-boyfriend, James Rayl, after breaking into home

The Ring camera footage recorded on July 31, at 11 a.m. shows the man, wearing a baseball cap, blue hoodie, grey T-shirt and shorts as he stands in front of the door, ring the bell repeatedly.

He folds his hands behind his back and waits as minutes go by.

James Rayl opens the screen door and tries the handle, then throws the weight of his body against the door.

The voice heard in the recording on the other side is Mitchell Duckro, Allyson’s father, who warns Rayl to stop.

 ‘I’ve got a gun,’ he says, but the jilted beau keeps on banging away at the door.

He eventually throws his shoulder into it, busting the deadbolt lock and opening the door a few inches.

That’s when the dad lets loose with three rounds hitting Rayl in the left shoulder, right shoulder and back.

Rayl flinches as he’s hit, then stumbles back down the front walkway and collapses around the corner of the house in front of the garage door.

Several minutes later, a neighbor Jeffery Hereford appears in the frame walking across the Duckro’s front lawn, saying ‘Don’t shoot me.’

Then the neighbor says, ‘He ain’t got no gun.’

About eight minutes later, Shelby County Sherriff officers arrive, but by then Rayl is dead.

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