It Takes A Real Man To Appreciate My Kind Of Beauty; Not These Chewing Gum Boys – Wiyaala

It Take's A Real Man To Appreciate My Kind Of Beauty - Wiyaala

Born in Funsi, a village in the Upper West Region of Ghana, where there was no electricity when she was growing up, Noella Djimba Wiyaala, who’s known in showbiz as “Wiyaala” (meaning the doer), found herself doing what many people struggle with; finding themselves, accepting it, and loving who they are, unapologetically.

Wiyaala recalled, while being interviewed on The Delay Show that as young as age six (6), people insinuated that she looked more like a boy, than a girl. Something she said, she embraced and has since amounted to her being nicknamed “The Untamed Lioness” because of her decision not to conform to society’s standards.

In referencing her androgynous look, Wiyaala stated that “It takes a real man to appreciate my kind of beauty; not these chewing gum boys”. She recalled situations where her previous love interests would tell her to wear a skirt, be more feminine or get her hair done, to please them. She wondered why it was always about pleasing them, and not about pleasing her.

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Apart from her talent being one of her reasons for succeeding, she credits her unique looks for her success. According to this superstar, there was a time where, people wanted her to emulate the likes of Beyoncé and Rihanna, with long hair and light skin as her signature.

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She also credits her Management for playing a role in allowing her to be herself unapologetically, because, according to them, if she’s not happy, it’d be a waste of money to invest in her craft.

When asked about her thoughts on those who claim she’s unattractive, she said “If these negative people know how much I love myself, they wouldn’t waste their time to call me ugly”. Wiyaala also stated that she’s one of the most beautiful women in the world. She again emphasized that “I love everything about myself. Only a blind or insecure person will call me ugly, maybe because I’m intimidating them”. Her confidence, shone throughout the interview; something people can learn from and emulate.

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