Is Libation pouring biblical?


Libation as we know it has been practiced and is being performed in all forms amongst all major religions, creed, caste, race or genders around the world.

It is a spiritual act but some knowledge is well preserved and upheld by some people so much so that it sets the Indigenous African Spirituality and all its offsprings apart.

The Hindus perform libation with Milk, Coconut and Water. The Islamists specifically Sufi sect also pour libation which is mostly witnessed when 3 drops of water is made with the buta before performing any art of divination or communication with the higher entities. Libation has been found to be existent in Shingon Buddhism, Judaism and even some sects of Christianity.

Libation is a spiritual act which is practicable by all people but a culture to the Africans because it has been well preserved and remains dominant in their spiritual system, widely practiced.

Is libation (Drink offering) Biblical or Scriptural?

Libation or drink offering is Scriptural. See: Genesis 35:14; Numbers 28:7; Hosea 2:21–23.

How do we perform libation?

Here I would present this Spiritual act as performed by the Indigenous African spiritual system in its simplified and easy to practice form.

In pouring libation, the liquid of choice is selected. A container of choice is selected be it the shell of a dry coconut or a new glass cup or a calabash or a bottle. These should be selected based upon what could be and is available within the libator’s immediate surroundings.

i)In the performance of Libation, the libator looks up to the sky above with both hands held on to the drink offering in the container he raises it up and calls on the name of the Supreme deity or God or Universal Principle in the name known to and understood by him/her.

ii)(s)he then looks down and invokes on the Mother Earth—the Earth’s energy/prana to come to bear in his activity.

iii) He then invokes the presence of the 4 principal elements of nature that presides over the 4 winds (Fire, Earth, Air and Water). Pouring the liquid at the call of each principle.

iv) Spiritual manifestation from his/her feminine source’s(Mother) lineage (pours liquid) and also the energy principle from his/her masculine source(father) (pours liquid)

v) He then calls upon the energies/spirits of his land and the land upon which (s)he stands. (Pours liquid)

vi) Invokes the presence of the ancestors/saints. (This is done to acknowledge the deeds and beings whose blood runs through him or her and their journey on the spiritual path of perfection has made it possible for him/her to attain to this degree of truth and spiritual realisation.) Pours liquid after each name

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vii) Affirming his/her at-one-ment with the energies of the whole universe/nature and all other spiritual entities. (Pours liquid )

viii) He then follows with appreciation for the care and guidance of the Universal principle or God ,for caring for him/her always in all her/his ways. (Pours liquid)


ix) S(he) then follows with the desires and needs, being positive in thoughts and constructive in consciousness that it is fulfillable. Pour liquid after each request.

x) S(he) then concludes with thanksgiving to the energies that are come to assist him/her in their activities. Dismisses them to their respective abodes. Empties the remnant of the liquid in the vessel wholly unto the earth.

What are the don’ts of Libation exercise?

I) Don’t consume liquid before or after offering be it water, oil, alcohol or any other. It’s an offering to the Lord and should be performed wholly especially alcohol (Proverbs 31:4–6).

II)Don’t be careless of whatever is being said during libation exercises. Place requests in other of priority put the simple requests first then the complex desires. This allows for quicker manifestation of ones desires.

III) Never make unnecessary pacts and promises. It is better not to have promised than to promise and fail.

IV) Eliminate fear and all thoughts of fear whilst performing this exercise. Fear crumbles your aura, diminishes your electromagnetic field and as such decreases the force of thought projected, the thought form becomes impregnated with fear as such a negative output or manifestation of ones desires.

How do I attain quicker results with Libation?

Results from the art of libation can be quickened by the simple exercise of Charity. Giving to they that are in need. (Matthew 25:30–46)

Thoughts of love and charity (devotional service) undoes much of our negative karma. Whenever charity is performed it activates and energises ones heart chakra (thymus gland) and crown chakras (pituitary gland),hence that feel of joy, love, inner peace, calmness and happiness that one experiences whenever he/she gives cheerfully.

It makes the individual being a channel through which the cosmic principle or the light of God freely flows to affect His/her life, affairs and with all others with whom (s)he may come into contact with.

Lord Ackkham Rebakham

Written by Eugene Nyavor

Eugene Nyavor is the Founding Editor at Gh Links.

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