I Could Marry My Baby Daddy; He Has Intentions on Marrying Me – Yvonne Nelson

My Baby Daddy Has Intentions of Marrying Me- Yvonne Nelson

Award-winning Ghanaian actress, model, film producer and entrepreneur, Yvonne Nelson briefly stepped away from the cameras and the spotlight when she conceived her baby, whiles keeping the public in suspense without confirmation of her pregnancy. The actress is back again in the spotlight, and granting interviews.

In a chat with Abeiku Santana on his show “Atuu” as monitored by, the actress has made known how fond she is, of her baby daddy Jamie Roberts, with whom she has a gorgeous baby girl, Ryn (pronounced “Rain”). For the past year, the rumor mill has churned for long, with rumours alluding to her baby daddy being a married man and a father of two children.

When asked who the kind of man Yvonne could marry, she answered “I could marry my baby daddy”. She further added that her baby daddy has intentions of marrying her. She further confirmed being aware of her baby daddy being a father to two children from a previous relationship, but denied knowing that he’s married.

She gave her reason for being unfazed by her baby daddy having children prior to their daughter (Ryn) as that, she saw and still sees Jamie as an ideal partner and a responsible man. When asked why she didn’t defend herself publicly when she was accused of procreating with a married man, she answered that she saw no point in fueling the rumour or giving it attention; hence, her silence on the matter.

My Baby Daddy Has Intentions of Marrying Me- Yvonne Nelson

Further, Yvonne made it known that deciding to have Jamie as the father of her child was not a decision she took lightly. This position of hers comes as no surprise, considering the fact that she barely had a relationship with her late father, and the little contact she had with him in terms of a relationship, was strained. When asked about her father, the actress made it known that she doesn’t want to talk about her father.

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Abeiku however, managed to ask Yvonne whether she attended her late father’s funeral. To this, she answered “no”, explaining that she was in her first trimester of her pregnancy and was experiencing morning sickness, so she could not make it for the funeral, notwithstanding the conflicts that arose in the family during the funeral period. Also, she says she has forgiven him of any wrong(s) and holds nothing against him. She further added that should there be a need to pray for him, she would.

The award-winning actress, producer describes herself as a passionate lady, mother and patriotic Ghanaian. She seems to have taken to motherhood, well and sees life differently now that she’s a mother, and seeks to set a good example for her daughter. She aspires to be a Member of Parliament and possibly work for the United Nations in the near future. Yvonne is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in International Relations and Diplomacy at GIMPA. Premiering on Val’s Day, is her new movie “SIN CITY’.

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