I Love It When Women Give My Husband Attention – Actress Beverly Afaglo

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Ghanaian actress and wife of Praye Honeho, Beverly Afaglo in an interview with Joy Fm’s Lexis Bill has revealed that she loves the euphoria that comes with ladies loving his man.

In an interview with the Accra based radio station on Monday, the actress and wife revealed that she gets happy when she notices her man has attention and tells him to spark his game to get more of that attention. “Funny enough, I love it when women love my man. When I say it they say I am a strange woman, but when I see people are not noticing my husband again, am like you need to shave, you need to go and do your hair. I need people to be all over my man then I say yeah, that’s my man”

Beverly Afaglo has been married to the Choir Master for some six years now, with both of them having two kids.

As monitored by, the actress turned entrepreneur disclosed that she has been around attending to other businesses, partly because the movie industry has been quite slow lately. “We are not doing a lot lately, especially for the last two years. Most of the movies are being premiered and going online. I am very busy managing businesses and being a mother as well”.

Responding to Lexis Bill on whether her husband was okay with her busy schedule, she said her husband was okay with what she does because he also leaves at a point in time when he has a busy schedule too. “He gets busy as well and he is most at times traveling. Some musicians are Accra musicians but Praye is for the whole Ghana so he gets to travel a lot. When he’s out and we home we don’t complain”.

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I Love It When Women Give My Husband Attention - Actress Beverly Afaglo

The actress and entrepreneur described how she met with her husband, who at that time was already a household name in the country. She said they first met at the beach, where they established friendship and in some months’ time, it developed to something serious. She added that she didn’t see herself marrying a celebrity, because she felt those kind of relationships never happened. “I didn’t know it will turn out to marriage because I never thought celebrities will marry at all. They don’t even talk about it.”

She admitted that as a celebrity couple, they face challenges sometimes with respect to how society perceives them but that aside, they were also ordinary people and had to also live an ordinary life too. “there’s pressure on us  most of the time for so many things. Most people see celebrities as rich and famous so when they see you and you are not driving let’s say a G-Wagon, they are like okay, what happened?

The actress touched on a rather sensitive question posed by Lexis Bill on whether she has been intimate with an actor on set before. She replied by saying she has kissed passionately on set before, but it was all work. “Yes, passionately, but no attachment”.

Written by K Oteng

K.Oteng is a reporter and editor for based in Accra-Ghana

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