How to Reverse Money on Capitec App ( Complete Guide )

How to Reverse Money on Capitec App

Most often, people send money to the wrong account when they enter the wrong recipient’s account name or misspell a number. 

It is generally not the responsibility of Capitec Bank to prevent unintended money transfers, however, steps are available on the app if money has been sent without the account holder’s consent. 

If an action was performed without the customer’s consent or knowledge, Capitec Bank offers an option for customers to dispute a money transfer or request a reversal of the transaction.

How to reverse Capitec cash send

You can reverse Capitec cash transfers by following the steps below

 What can you do in such a situation to reverse the funds? 

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Dial 0860 10 20 43 for immediate assistance.

You can also reverse cash send using the Capitec app as follows:

  •  Open the app and tap ‘Transact.’ 
  • Select “Debit Orders” from the list. 
  • Key in your secret remote PIN to log in Choose a debit order from the history menu. 
  • Select a reason for the dispute/ reversal. 
  • Finally, accept the agreement and the process of reversal will automatically begin. 

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Capitec cash

Capitec cash: Send details and Important processes you need to know

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