Heather Walker: Cause of death revealed

Heather Walker
Heather Walker

Heather Walker, a longtime Boston Celtics executive passed away on Wednesday morning at the age of 52.

Walker’s death was confirmed by the Move4Heather fundraising Facebook and Instagram account.

“These posts have never been easy, and this will be the hardest ever. Heather has let go and passed this morning at 5:43am,” the social media post read.

“She isn’t fighting anymore and can finally rest.”

Heather Walker Cause of death

Heather Walker, a former employee of the Boston Celtics, passed away from glioblastoma, a type of brain cancer that is known for its aggressive nature and rare occurrence.

Heather joined the Celtics organization in 2006, and over the years, she became a beloved member of the team’s community.

During her tenure with the Celtics, Heather worked in various roles, including customer service and community relations.

However, in 2018, Heather was diagnosed with glioblastoma, and she spent the next two years fighting the disease.

During this time, she became a vocal advocate for brain cancer research, raising money to fund research into glioblastoma and other types of brain cancer.

Heather’s tireless efforts to raise awareness about this devastating disease helped to shine a light on the urgent need for more funding and research into brain cancer.

Sadly, Heather lost her battle with glioblastoma, and her passing was deeply felt by her friends, family, and colleagues.

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