Ghana Police Service Screening: Date, Process & Centers

Ghana Police Service Screening
Ghana Police Service Screening

Ghana Police Service Screening: Date Process & Centers

For this year, the Ghana Police Service will be screening shortlisted candidates at these centers on these dates, processes,portal and dates.


Through the police recruitment portal, applicants can find out the screening date, the screening location, and the documents they need to bring.

If you applied for the Ghana police recruitment, please go to the website below to print your screening chit.

Applicants who meet the qualifications can also visit the location where they filled out their application for assistance.

Ghana Police Service Screening Date

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There will be regional screenings for shortlisted candidates at all ten (10) regional centres between 4th November and 11th November 2021.

The date for screening of Medical doctors and Lawyers will be comminicated later.

In order to continue with the Recruitment Exercise, all qualified applicants will need to report to their selected screening centres within the dates of 4th November and 11th November 2021 with their Application Summary Report and original copies of their birth certificates.

As the date approaches, specific information will be communicated via text message.

Ghana Police Service Screening Centers

In the Application Summary Report as well as in SMS messages sent to shortlisted applicants, screening centres are indicated for all applicants. 

It is imperative that qualified applicants who have not yet received SMSes inviting them for screening take note of the date and report to their selected screening centers on the stated day.

Ghana Police Service Recruitment Screening Process

Listed below are the steps involved in the recruitment screening process for the Ghana Police Service

  • Stage 1
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Upon completion of the online application, shortlisted candidates receive a text message inviting them to continue the process, which includes:

  • Stage 2

Ghana Police Service Screening & Documentation

Successful candidates should present all relevant personal and academic credentials at the recruitment centers indicated in the text message.

The presented documents will then be inspected to verify authenticity and correlation to initial data entered while applying.

  • Stage 3

Ghana Police Service Recruitment Screening Body Selection

You will then be invited for a full body examination, as per Ghana Police Service standards, on a date that will be communicated via SMS.

The purpose of this is to ensure that no tattoos or flat feet exist, and that no excessive body building, double ear piercings, or varicose veins are exposed.

  • Stage 4

Ghana Police Service Recruitment Screening Aptitude Test

For this level, you will take an exam in which you will be tested on sets of questions.

 It will assess your learning abilities, logical reasoning, and how you handle basic everyday problems within a certain time frame.

  • Stage 5

Ghana Police Service Recruitment Screening Outdoor Leaderless Test (OLT)

A team of ten will take the Outdoor Leaderless Test (OLT), which tests your persuasive abilities to appeal for support as a team player and solve a team problem using agility and speed.

  • Stage 6

Ghana Police Service Recruitment Screening Medical Examination

As per Ghana Police Service standard, you will be put through a thorough medical screening at the 37 Military Hospital at a fee. 

The results will determine whether you proceed to the next stage.

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