Ghana Police Service, Salary – 2022

Ghana Police Service Salary

Ghana Police Service salaries are based on rank, so the better your rank, the better the salary.

In 2010, the Single Spine Salary System (SSSS) was adopted for Ghana Police Officers.

It was implemented to ensure that Officers receive better compensation than they had previously been.

As part of this scheme, newly hired university graduates earn up to GhC1,400 per month (Ghanaian Cedi), whereas students who had just passed the West African Senior Secondary Certificate Examination (WASSCE) are entitled to a GhC700 monthly salary.

However, a police officer‘s average monthly salary can vary depending on their level of experience, gender, and location. location, and skills.

Ghana Police Service, Salary - 2021

The Salary Structure Can Also Be Defined By The Following

Salary Range

University graduates earn salaries ranging from GHC1,320 (lowest) to GHC4,450 (highest).

Average Salary

Earnings fall between the highest and lowest paid (Middle earners).

GhC3,090 is the median monthly salary for officers in Ghana.


The percentiles salary represents the estimated value of an officer’s salary.

They are the 25th and 75th percentiles.

This illustrates that 25% of police officers earn less than GhC1,320, and 75% earn more than GhC1,980

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Other Determinants of Salary in the Ghana Police Service Include:


Under two (2) years of experience can earn around GhC1,490 monthly. Officers with experience between two and five years earn approximately GhC1,990 a month.

For officers with ten to twelve years of experience, the salary is about GH2,950.

Between ten and fifteen-year-old officers earn approximately GHC3,950.

With ten years of experience, the salary generally doubles.

Those with experience of 15 to 20 years earn between GHC4,240 and GHC5,260 each month.

Benefits enjoyed by Ghanaian police officers

A designated state-owned hospital provides free health care to officers and their families
across the nation to the tune of GhC12,500.

A twenty-eight (28) working day annual leave and casual leave.

Police quarters are available for accommodation.

There is about GhC50,000 in insurance coverage in the event of death. A family gets GhC25,000 if a police officer dies on active duty accidentally or naturally. The officer will also be entitled to Ghc25,000 if a permanent disability occurs in the course of their duties.

Officers can obtain loans from police welfare funds to cover projects like housing and start-up businesses to augment their pay,

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