Ghana Police Ranks, Symbol, Establishment And Duties – 2022

Ghana Police Ranks

The most common title people use to refer to a Ghanaian police officer on the street or in a police station is Commander or Sergeant.

Either they don’t want to undermine the position of the officer or they are not aware of the above, but whatever the case may be, calling an officer by a rank that they have not yet achieved is equally wrong.

Below are the details and major ranks in the Ghana Police Service (GPS).

Ghana Police Service

Under the ministry of interior, the Ghana Police Service (GPS) is the leading law enforcement agency in Ghana.

The service employs over 30,000 officers across 651 stations.

Criminal prevention, detection, and prosecution are the primary features of the Ghana police service.


Every member of the police service is assigned to a specific section and has a specific rank.

Each of these ranks is divided into two, namely the superior and subordinate officer.

To distinguish one officer from another, always look for a symbol on the shoulder of any officer of the law before addressing them by rank.



A police sergeant is a police supervisor who oversees, plans, evaluates, and reviews the work of police officers under his command.

In addition, he or she coordinates section activities and participates in police operations.

Identity: Both sleeves are adorned with three chevrons.

Regional Sergeant–Major

Regional Sergeant Major

A regional sergeant major is a senior officer appointed by the government to oversee the affairs of those regions they are responsible for.

Their responsibilities include managing all the police officers in their region in accordance with national standards of GPS, discipline, welfare, and morale, among others.

Lance – Corporal

Lance Corporal 1

A Lance corporal is the lowest level of non-commissioned officer and is below the rank of corporal.

This person is responsible for ensuring the well-being of a small group of officers.

Identity: One chevron worn on both sleeves


Corporal 1

Corporals are above Lance corporals and are responsible for ensuring that officers meet Police Service standards in terms of job performance, physical fitness, appearances I.e dressing properly in their uniforms and all aspects of the police Service life both on and off duty.

In addition, they serve as links between higher-ranking officers and other military personnel.

Identity: Two chevrons worn on both sleeves



Inspectors are among the highest rank in the Ghana Police Service. As a police inspector, you have a wider range of supervisory duties than a sergeant.

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A police inspector examines all facets of police work, such as personnel, case records, conduct, and the premises where police activity takes place.

Inspector-General of Police (IGP) is the highest-ranking police officer in the Ghana Police Service and is appointed by the President.

Identity: Three white metal bars each mounted with the Star in the center

Chief Inspector

Chief Inspector 1

The Chief Inspector is responsible for planning, supervising, and monitoring operations.

Setting up a plan for the efficient and effective deployment of resources to major and/or critical incidents is their responsibility.

In the Ghana police system, it is one of the highest ranks.

Identity: Four white metal bars each mounted with the Black Star in the center

District Sergeant-Major

District Sergeant Major

One of the highest-ranked positions in every Ghanaian district is the District Sergeant-Major.

He/she manages the district’s police officers and their operations.

Under this rank, you are below the District Chief Command. As stated earlier, the District Sergeant major does the role of a Sergeant Major on the district level.

Identity: The Star surrounded by laurel leaves in a form of a metal badge worn on the left sleeve



A constable is an officer from the Ghana Police Service who holds a particular position within the police force.

It is also the lowest rank in the police service.

Hence, a constable is someone who has been sworn in as a police officer.

Obviously, this is the lowest rank however, Volunteers can be sworn in as constables and mostly are unpaid and work among the police officers to do some particular duties they have volunteered for.

Identity: Nil

Duties of Ghana Police

There are various duties required from members of the Ghana Police Service and one of the duties of their duties is to maintain peace and Unity in a society.

In addition to the Ghana Police Ranks, below are the major duties of Ghana police which we have listed accordingly and serially according to the constitution.

To arrest offenders

Protection of lives and property of the Nigerian citizens

To investigate matters pertaining to crime

Power to prevent crime occurrence

Power to maintain and saturate law and order in our society

Power for crime detection

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