Five Ways Tertiary Students Can Earn Money In Ghana

How To Make Money Online In Ghana As A Student

How To Make Money Online In Ghana As A Student –Generally, by the time a person is ready to jump on the tertiary education/ post-secondary education bandwagon, he’s an adult, and experiences some increase in personal expenses and has a desire for some level of independence.

Whereas focusing on one’s education is imperative to long term personal independence and success, it’s only normal to desire some form of independence while acquiring tertiary education. In the interim however, one way to facilitate that process of acquiring personal independence is to start earning money.

Once a student has figured a way of balancing his education and desire to earn money whiles in school, he can employ one of these under listed ways of earning money:

MODELLING: Modelling generally involves wearing clothes, jewelry and accessories, in a manner as to advertise for the public to purchase things that are being advertised. A tertiary student in Ghana could choose to do runway modeling which entails strutting down a stage setup to exhibit clothing and/or accessories. Also, commercial modelling entails being cast as a photo or video model in a commercial/advertisement. Editorial modeling entails more of being cast as a photo model in magazines.

USHERING: There will always be a demand for ushers, when events take place or products are launched. The job of an usher is to show a programme or event attendant where to go or sit, at an event. Typically, the main event lasts for a few hours. After, ushers are paid amounts previously agreed on.

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BLOGGING / VLOGGING: Blogging can be sectioned into lifestyle, entertainment, fashion, etc. Blogging entails documenting information related to any chosen category, in a written form. “WordPress” is a relatively affordable website which gives bloggers a platform, to bring their creative imaginations into fruition. “Blogspot” is also an example of a blogging platform. Vlogging, on the other hand, entails documenting information related to fashion, entertainment, lifestyle, etc., in a video form. YouTube is a reliable and relatively affordable platform for vlogging.

SELLING ONLINE: One scroll down social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, and you’re likely to find an online shop advertising clothing, bags, shoes, other accessories, for sale. Most sellers on these platforms purchase goods, advertise them online and sell to people.

How To Make Money Online In Ghana As A Student

MAKE-UP ARTISTRY: The beauty and cosmetics industry is a huge one, worldwide. Social media has further brought the art of makeup artistry to our doorsteps. Some makeup artists watch YouTube videos, practice and in no time, become well vexed in it. Others attend beauty school for a few weeks and acquire the skill. Facebook, YouTube and Instagram are some of the platforms on which makeup artistry is displayed.

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