Dontonio Jones: What we know about the suspect connected to a violent crime spree, including two fatal shootings

Dontonio Jones
Dontonio Jones

Detroit police have identified Dontonio Jones, 28, as a person of interest in connection to a recent violent crime spree.

With an extensive criminal record dating back to his teenage years, Jones is now sought by the Detroit Police Department for questioning regarding his involvement in a series of heinous incidents.

Let’s delve into the details surrounding Dontonio Jones, shedding light on his alleged connection to a crime spree that includes two fatal shootings.

Background of Dontonio Benjamin Jones

Dontonio Benjamin Jones, aged 28, has come under scrutiny by the Detroit Police Department due to his suspected involvement in several violent crimes.

Having a long history of criminal activities, dating back to his teenage years, Jones has attracted the attention of law enforcement agencies for his alleged role in the recent crime spree.

Crime Spree: Robbery and Fatal Shooting at L. George’s Coney Island

One of the key incidents in the crime spree attributed to Dontonio Jones is a robbery and fatal shooting that occurred at L. George’s Coney Island on Joy Street.

The Assistant Detroit Police Chief, Charles Fitzgerald, describes this event as a crime of opportunity, emphasizing Jones’ alleged intimate knowledge of the incident.

The police are keen to apprehend Jones for questioning regarding the details of the robbery and murder that transpired during that fateful night.

Fatal Shooting in the 13600 Block of Grand River

Another distressing event tied to Dontonio Jones is a fatal shooting that took place in the 13600 block of Grand River.

While specific details surrounding this incident remain undisclosed, law enforcement authorities believe Jones possesses crucial information related to the crime.

Identifying him as part of a group involved in the crime spree, the police are determined to uncover the truth and bring the perpetrators to justice.

Carjacking in the 11400 Block of Ohio

Dontonio Jones
Dontonio Jones

Dontonio Jones has also been implicated in a carjacking that occurred in the 11400 block of Ohio.

The details surrounding this incident are still under investigation, but the involvement of Jones and his association with the group suspected of the crime heighten concerns regarding his potential role in a series of violent acts.

Non-fatal Shooting in the 14600 Block of W. Chicago

In addition to the fatal shootings and carjacking, Dontonio Jones is connected to a non-fatal shooting incident that took place in the 14600 block of W. Chicago.

While the precise circumstances leading to this shooting are yet to be revealed, law enforcement officials believe Jones holds vital information that can aid in solving the case and determining his level of involvement.

Suspects and Vehicles Involved

During the investigation, the police have identified several individuals, including Dontonio Jones, as part of the crime spree.

Additionally, two vehicles have been linked to the incidents: a burgundy Jeep Cherokee, which was reported stolen from a collision shop in Sterling Heights, and a white Chrysler 200.

These vehicles were observed near the various crime scenes, providing further evidence for the ongoing investigation.

The Recovery of the Stolen Vehicle in Cincinnati

In a significant development, the stolen burgundy Jeep Cherokee was found in Cincinnati on a Saturday night.

This recovery holds the potential to provide valuable leads and insights into Dontonio Jones’ whereabouts and activities.

Law enforcement agencies will work collaboratively to unravel the circumstances surrounding the vehicle’s presence in Cincinnati and its connection to the crime spree.

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