Cherelle Parker children: How many children does she have?

Cherelle Parker with son, Langston Mullins
Cherelle Parker with son, Langston Mullins

Cherelle L. Parker is a prominent American politician and former Democratic member of the City Council of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Cherelle recently won the Democratic primary on May 16, all but guaranteeing she will become the 100th mayor of Philadelphia, following Jim Kenney’s eight-year tenure.

Cherelle political career has been marked by significant achievements, and her personal life has often piqued the curiosity of the public.

GhLinks will explore the topic of Cherelle Parker’s children and provide details on how many children she has.

How Many Children Does Cherelle Have?

Cherelle Parker with son, Langston Mullins
Cherelle with son, Langston Mullins

Now, let’s address the question at hand: how many children does Cherelle Parker have?

Based on available information, Cherelle and Ben Mullins have one child together.

Their child’s name is Langston Mullins, a young boy who is currently 10 years old.

However, specific details regarding Langston’s school and other personal aspects are not publicly known at the moment.

On 16th May 2023, Cherelle Parker was with her son, Langston Mullins, to cast her vote Tuesday in the Democratic primary.

Cherelle Parker’s Husband: Ben Mullins

Cherelle is married to Ben Mullins, who has been a steadfast partner throughout her political career.

While the spotlight often falls on Cherelle Parker, it is worth acknowledging the role that her husband, Ben Mullins, plays in supporting her endeavors.

Together, they have built a strong foundation that allows Cherelle to excel in her professional life.

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