Britain’s Got Talent 2023: Audition date, venue, requirements, how to apply, judges and host

Britain Got Talent 2023
Britain Got Talent 2023

It’s one of the finest- if not the finest – reality television series in Britain and even the world. It’s a big stage where stars are unraveled. It’s Britain’s Got Talent!

For fifteen seasons, talents from all over Britain come on one stage to display their talents in the area of music, arts, dance, magic and a whole lot more, after which a team of high profile judges and an amazing audience decide who best deserves the award.

2023 will be the sixteenth season of the show and we are here to keep you updated on its starting date and a whole lot more.

When is the audition for Britain’s Got Talent 2023?

Last year, it began on Saturday, April 16, with the finale on Sunday, June 5.

BGT didn’t air in 2021 due to Covid, and the 2020 show was shown in two sections, but it kicked off in April, and then started again in August.

Both the 2019 and 2018 series aired in early to mid April.

The auditions for the 2023 edition of Britain’s Got Talent are scheduled to take off in April 2023.

What are the venues for the auditions of Britain’s Got Talent 2023?

Britain Got Talent 2023 is scheduled to take off in a number of cities in Britain. Notable are Manchester, Cardiff, Birmingham and London. It will air ITV.

How to apply for Britain Got Talent 2023

How to apply for Britain Got Talent 2023
How to apply for Britain Got Talent 2023

The chance to audition in person for this season has now gone, but you can still apply via video, WhatsApp or by post, on the Cast it Reach website.

For the first time, you can also secretly nominate a group or someone special you think deserves to show their talent to the world, by filling in an application form on their behalf.

What are the requirements for Britain’s Got Talent 2023?

Here are the requirements for Britain’s Got Talent 2023;

  • It is open to persons of all ages. However, people below 18 are required to seek the permission of their parents or guardians before applying.
  • Applicants must have a valid mobile phone number or email address.
  • Applicants must register themselves on the official website or on ITV channel
  • Applicants must have valid documents
  • Applicants must have a CD/DVD of their performance before the live auditions
  • Applicants must be physically and mentally fit to take part of the show.
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Who are the judges for Britain Got Talent 2023?



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The sixteenth season of BGT will have the following celebrities as judges;

  • Simon Cowell – Simon is a well known British entrepreneur, entertainment executive and creator of the Got Talent Franchise. He is also the brains behind the American Idol, X Factor UK, among a host of other talent shows. He has served as judge on a number of talent shows both in the UK and America.
  • Alesha Dixon – Alesha is a British singer, rapper, dancer, television personality and author. She has had an incredible career that spans over a decade. She has been a judge of the seventh season of Strictly Come Dancing before quitting to become a judge of Britain’s Got Talent in 2012. She has been part of the show since.
  • David Williams – he is a British comedian, writer, actor and television personality. He wrote BBC sketch comedy ‘Little Britain’ which aired from 2005-2007. He’s been part of GBT for a long while and was a judge on Australia’s Got Talent 2022.
  • Amanda Holden – she is a British actress, singer and television personality. She has been a judge on BGT since 2007.

Who are the hosts for Britain Got Talent 2023?

Here are the hosts for BGT 2023;

  • Ant – Anthony David McPartin, popularly known as Ant is a British presenter, comedian and former singer. He came on television since 1998 and has been consistent since.  He has been a co-host for BGT since 2009.
  • Dec – Declan Oliver Joseph Donnelly is a British presenter, actor, former singer and rapper. He shot to prominence in 1998 on British television together with his colleague Ant. He has been the other co-host of BGT since 2009.

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