Who is Evgenia Emerald? Ukraine’s ‘Joan of Arc’ sniper weds soldier she met on frontlines

Evgenia Emerald
Evgenia Emerald

Evgenia Emerald, 31 year old famed Ukrainian sniper known as her country’s “Joan of Arc” have tied the knot with a man she met at the start of Russia’s invasion.

Evgenia Emerald and fellow soldier Evgeniy Stipanyuk were married Friday near the frontline of the war in a ceremony held in a forest in Kharkiv.

The couple’s big day fell on a public holiday known as Defender’s Day to honour Ukrainian military veterans, and Evgenia Emerald revealed the wedding also landed on her new husband’s birthday,

A military General officiated the wedding for the pair, who fell in love soon after the war began in February and quickly became engaged in August.

The famous sniper, 31, shared her “perfect wedding” with her 50k Instagram followers, adding that “a new patriotic family was born”.

Her bouquet appeared to be comprised of ears of wheat rather than flowers.

‘Today I officially became the wife of a military man,’ she wrote. ‘I could not imagine a more perfect wedding!’

The pair fell in love shortly after the war began in February and got engaged in August.

Who is Evgenia Emerald?

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Before the war Evgenia Emerald worked in the jewelry business, but when Russia launched its invasion on her home she joined the defense, and eventually became part of the special forces regiment “Safari.”

Evgenia Emerald is the owner of the Order of the Chief Master Faberge, the winner of the competition of the Association of Jewelers of Ukraine in the nomination “The best symbol of high spirituality-2019”, “Jeweler of the Year-2020”.

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