Paige Wyatt: Where is she now, and what happened to her

Paige Wyatt
Paige Wyatt

In addition to her modeling career, Paige Wyatt is also a television celebrity; she is known as one of the stars of her family’s reality television show, “American Guns”.

‘’American Guns’’, which is owned and created by the Wyatt family, literally tells the story of the Wyatt family and Gunsmoke Guns, which is their gun shop.

Paige Wyatt‘s rise to fame can be attributed to the American Guns show, which aired for just two seasons.

Paige Wyatt Real Name

Within Hollywood circles she is known as Paige Wyatt, but her real name is Paige Grewcock.

Paige Wyatt Date Of Birth/ Age

Paige Wyatt, who is 27 years old, was born on October 30, 1994.

Paige Wyatt Parents

Paige Wyatt is Renee Wyatt’s daughter and Rich Wyatt’s stepdaughter.

Known for his work as a gunsmith and owner of Gunsmoke guns, Rich Wyatt was a highly respected individual.

Rich and Renee, along with Paige and her brother Kurt, were all crucial to the success of the gun shop.

Paige worked as a sales representative for the company, Renee was the store manager, Rich was the CEO, and  Kurt was the firearms instructor.

What Really Happened To Paige Wyatt

Paige Wyatt

Even though Paige Wyatt has been missing in action, she is not ill but rather is pursuing a career as a model and actress. Following the collapse of her step father’s gun store, she has now launched her own clothing line named Hughwear.

Her organization deals with a wide range of clothing for both men and women.

Through, she sells autographed apparel and photos she acquires through her collection.

Net Worth 

As part of the American Guns cast, Paige Wyatt’s net worth was also able to grow to $1 million because of her role in the show. 

For each episode of the show, she reportedly received up to $250,000.

Does She Have A Boyfriend? 

Everyone, particularly Wyatt’s fans, have been curious about her personal life and love affairs ever since she shot to fame. 

Paige Wyatt’s love life and dating history are not available to the public.

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