There Is Nothing Wrong In Sleeping With Your Female Artistes- Mr. Logic

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Female Artistes

Sex for favors has been a topic for debate for some days now since a documentary from the BBC tagged ‘sex for grades’ was premiered.

While the documentary touched on how some lecturers in the various universities (using University of Ghana as a research tool) are demanding sex from female students for favors for academic excellence, other discussions have risen which involves various people in realms of leadership demanding sex for favors.

The question now is whether the act is morally right or not and how it can be curbed completely from our society.

Artiste manager Emmanuel Abban, known in showbiz as Mr. Logic is however stating otherwise and has said that in his view, it is not wrong for artiste managers to sleep with their female artists for favors.

Mr. Logic stated this in a studio discussion at Accra based Hitz Fm.

Explaining his point, the artiste manager said artiste managers invest a lot into their female acts only for a boyfriend somewhere to go and manipulate them and prevent them from focusing on the needful. In his view, if an artiste manager decides to enjoy his artiste with her boyfriend, it was cool, once the artiste understands.

“Male managers should eat the female artiste they manage, how can i be investing in the brand and the boyfriend would be eating the brand and be controlling the girl as it’s so unfair for male managers to be investing and some guy somewhere would be enjoying what I’m suffering for alone; the boyfriend is investing nothing would rather be enjoying her. There is nothing wrong if the manager also eat her some,” he said.

Written by K Oteng

K.Oteng is a reporter and editor for https://www.ghlinks.com.gh/ based in Accra-Ghana

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