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The Bachelor 28 Marlena Haddad: Her age, job and Instagram revealed

The Bachelor 28 Marlena Haddad
The Bachelor 28 Marlena Haddad

The twenty-eighth season of The Bachelor will premiere on January 22, 2024 and one contestant who is already generating a lot of early buzz is Marlena Haddad, a former Trump aide.

Haddad is looking for a man who is romantic, sensitive and always lets her drive the golf cart. She hopes to be married, have two kids and continue to foster rescue dogs in the next five years.

As viewers wait to see how the Bachelor 28 unfolds, here’s everything to know about Marlena Haddad age, job, Instagram & other facts.

Marlena Haddad age and background

Marlena was born on 19th December 1998 – that makes her 26 years of age as at the time of writing this article.

She was born and raised in Waterbury, Connecticut.

Haddad lives in West Palm Beach, according to the show, although her Instagram and LinkedIn accounts list that she resides in New York City.

An Instagram post from Labor Day marked her location as Fairfield.

Marlena Haddad job

Ms Marlena is an American finance Writer.

She writes for SPAC Insider, a website that provides data for investment managers, bankers, legal professionals and more.

According to her LinkedIn profile, she worked in the presidential personnel office as director of correspondence and director of research from 2020-2021 during former President Donald Trump’s term.

She obtained a degree in economics from University of Connecticut.

She also made multiple appearances on Fox News while attending UConn.

Marlena Haddad instagram

Marlena Alexia Haddad currently has just over 5,000 followers and can be found on instagram as @marlena.alexia

Her Instagram includes a group photo standing next to him giving a thumbs-up, as well as photos in the Oval Office.

Haddad’s Instagram account is also filled with posts of her jet-setting around the world.

A post from December shows her resting against a balcony in Miami, while more recent posts are from New York City.

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