Tate Paul: Tiktoker Taylor Frankie Paul, opens up about custody deal with ex-husband in dancing TikTok video

Tate Paul
Tate Paul

Taylor Frankie Paul, a 28 year old Tiktoker has revealed the details of her custody agreement with her soon-to-be ex-husband, Tate Paul, with a literal song and dance.

Weeks after announcing they had split over ‘soft swinging’ drama, Taylor Frankie Paul, who shares two young children with Tate Paul, answered a fan’s question about their custody arrangement in a recent viral video while taking on the Time X Kashy dance challenge.

According to the mom, she and her ex have 50-50 custody, and they do three days on, three days off with their kids.

The video has been viewed more than 8.1 million times and has received thousands of comments from baffled TikTok users who didn’t know what to make of the clip.

Tate Paul

Others users wanted to know what Taylor and Tate do with their children on the seventh day, and some people couldn’t resist cracking jokes.

‘They spend day 7 with the winner of the dance battle,’ one TikTok user commented.

‘Day 7 the [kids] spend at therapy to cope with this video,‘ someone else wrote.

Taylor later shared a video of her two kids playing around, sarcastically writing in the caption: ‘They fend for themselves on the 7th day duh.’

The influencer also recently took aim at fellow #MomTok members who have denied being involved in the soft swinging group she and Tate allegedly were in.

Watch video below

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