Who is Sarah Juree? Sacked Indiana teacher makes an average of $10,000 on Onlyfans a month

Sarah Juree
Sarah Juree

Sarah Juree, a former Indiana teacher who was fired after her saucy side business was exposed, now earns $10,000 a month from her side business.

Sarah Juree, 40, found her way into the world of adult content while still working in classrooms in Indiana.

Sarah Juree as a teacher

As a teacher, she was helping to mould young minds as part of the Department of Defence’s Starbase program, which introduces Year Six students to STEM subjects.

Sarah was struggling to pay up for her livelihood because of the low earnings she made by being a full-time teacher, she then turned to the internet service to make ends meet, as reported by Daily Star.

When Sarah Juree launched her Onlyfans career

Sarah Juree launched her Onlyfans career
Sarah Juree launched her Onlyfans career

Sarah, who had taught for 20 years, was impressed by a pal’s success on the X-rated site.

She launched her page and began selling raunchy pics to adoring punters – however, her bubble soon burst.

Sarah Juree was exposed and fired as a teacher

A local reporter caught wind of her erotic antics and published an exposé on Sarah’s OnlyFans page while informing her employers.

The teacher was then fired by her bosses after they discovered her sexy side hustle.

She has now slammed the double standards that she says resulted in her termination from her teaching role.

Sarah told the 20 Minutes Of Your Time podcast: “Everyone is very familiar with the idea of a d*** pic and men sending pictures of their penises to women.

“It’s become an acceptable part of dating culture, yet men aren’t getting fired for those pictures.

“Those pictures are not considered p#n#graphic.

“Yet my picture, and my nude photos of a female body, was considered p#n#graphic, it was considered wrong and shameful – even a fire-able offence.”

Sarah explained she was forced to step away from the education sector altogether after her OnlyFans page was made pubic knowledge.

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But after leaving behind her career spanning over two decades, she has now forged her own success on the adult site.

Sarah Juree now makes an average of $10,000 on Onlyfans  monthly



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The mum says she now earns up to $10,000 each month by sharing risqué content with her subscribers.

However, the 40-year-old admitted she is still hurt by the events that led up to her losing her job.

Teachers turning heads

Another ex-teacher who quit her career to become an OnlyFans star said she couldn’t care less about the complaints from parents and colleagues.

Courtney Tillia, 36, swapped the classroom for adult content – but still uses her former role to fulfill her subscribers’ fantasies.

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