Principal Paula Lev: Why New York City’s High School for Law principal has been accused of wanting to oust white teachers

Principal Paula Lev
Principal Paula Lev

Principal Paula Lev, a Dominican and a principal for New York City’s High School for Law principal and Public Service is currently in the news of wanting to oust white teachers because of their race created school of ‘insanity’ plagued with low-quality education and ‘dangerous’ fighting.

The students of the New York City’s High School for Law principal and Public Service claimed their lives have become ‘miserable’ under the leadership of Principal Paula Lev.

They also allege their quality of education has declined after Lev ousted ‘fully experienced and qualified’ staff as part of her alleged diversity crusade.

One student, Angel Dilawar, 17, who will be a senior in September and is the class valedictorian, started a petition on saying “we have had enough and cannot bear to witness the utter disorganization and insanity at our school.”

“We have some new teachers that are super under-qualified, and staff members that were fully experienced and qualified were excessed,” reads the petition that garnered more than 370 signatures in two months.

Dilawar told The Post that Principal Paula Lev has wasted money on frills like hallway TV monitors and $50,000 worth of hoodies to go with school uniforms that no one wears. Meanwhile, violence has increased, she said.

“Right now students can do anything they want and they’re not going to get in trouble,” Dilawar said.

Dilawar said while helping out in the school’s college office she was asked to write recommendation letters for her peers because the assistant who was supposed to do the work had a limited grasp of English.

Principal Paula Lev
Principal Paula Lev

“These students would be shocked to find out that their recommendation letters would be written by a student, a junior,” she said.

Dilawar said she had emailed Schools Chancellor David Banks numerous times and had not received a response.

Another student, Hannah Maldonado, 16, who will be a senior, said Lev even created divisiveness during a recent Culture Day celebration to promote diversity. When Maldonado asked for a greater musical variety to be played at the cafeteria event, Lev said in Spanish to the DJ to play one other song — and then to “go back to Spanish music,” the student recalled.

“The Department of Education is absolutely committed to providing a strong and supportive environment in all of our schools and for all of our students. We work with our principals every day to ensure that students and staff receive the support they need,” said spokeswoman Jenna Lyle.

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