Who is Moon Se-Hoon on Singles Inferno? Here is what you need to know about him

Moon Se-Hoon
Moon Se-Hoon

Moon Se-Hoon has gained fame and recognition for his appearance in the Netflix series Single’s Inferno, resulting in him accumulating more followers on Instagram.

Even though only two episodes have been released, Moon Se-Hoon has already made his presence known on the show.

Watching the show will certainly be worth it, as Moon will surely add a taste to the show, and make it even more exciting. provides all the information you need about him.

Moon Se-Hoon: Single’s Inferno Cast on Netflix

As far as his personal life goes, he generally keeps a low-profile and he doesn’t reveal too much about his social life or personal life.

In addition to the fact that he keeps a low profile, he maintains a private Instagram account with just seven posts.

He revealed in the show that he loves household chores and is good at them; consequently, we cannot tell whether Se-Hoon means what he says or just said it for attention.

Additionally, he believes that girls and women are naturally drawn to men who are good at household work.

His exact words were, “I think many girls find that charming,” referring them to household works.

Moon Se-Hoon’s Past Affairs

It is obvious that Moon Se-Hoon had a past relationship because of his attractive appearance and charismatic personality.

Moon rarely discusses his personal life, so his past relationship remains a secret.

Considering his present life, he is obviously looking for the perfect partner, and we hope that he finds one in the show.

It seems that Moon Se Hoon is somehow toxic when it comes to love life.

In the introduction of Single’s Inferno, he said, “When I find someone I like, I’ve to date her.”

This sentence clearly hints at how he cares only about his feeling and doesn’t give a damn about others.

For instance, if Moon falls in love with a girl, he wouldn’t even care what she feels about him rather will compel her to date.

However, if we look from another perspective, it is crystal clear that Moon Se-Hoon wouldn’t give up easily and would definitely try his best in melting the woman’s heart.

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