Meet Dr. Kofi Amoah, The Ghanaian Millionaire Who Made His First 2 Million Dollars After He Introduced Western Union To Africa

Kofi Amoah

Ghanaian business magnate, Dr. Kofi Amoah has revealed the secrets behind his early success as an entrepreneur.

According to him, he faced a lot of setbacks in trying to earn his first million dollars, so he increased his target to two million and that came faster.

He told television show host Doloris Frimpong Manso (Delay) that he got the first idea for success from attending a lot of seminars.

In an interview on the Delay Show, Dr Kofi Amoah said at one of such seminars, a speaker said an ideal business was one where you earn money while sleeping.

When pressed further by the host, Dr Kofi Amoah said he made the vast majority of his wealth by facilitating the entry of global remittance service provider, Western Union, into Africa.

He said he got the idea because he encountered difficulty in sending money to his mum in Ghana in the ’90s.

Dr Amoah, said as the Chief Executive Officer of Progeny Ventures he had to travel across the continent to advertise and sign on agents across the entire African continent.

Western Union started its African operations from Ghana in 1995. Twelve years on, the company had expanded its operations to almost all 54 African states.

He said among the many countries he signed onto the money transfer service were Eritrea, South Africa and Ethiopia.

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Dr Kofi Amoah

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