Marc McIntyre: Who was Spalding County sheriff’s deputy?

Sgt Marc McIntyre
Sgt Marc McIntyre

A Spalding County deputy identified as Marc McIntyre is dead and another was injured after officers went to a home Friday morning and a man inside the home opened fire on them.

The incident unfolded at a home on Deason Street after two deputies responded to a domestic disturbance call and a welfare check.

Sheriff Dix said that the deputies started to cross the yard, and a man inside, identified as Todd Lamont Harper, started shooting at them out of the window with a shotgun.

Marc McIntyre: Who was Spalding County sheriff’s deputy?

Sgt. Marc McIntyre was not just a law enforcement officer, but a military veteran and educator.

He was 55 years old.

He began his time with the Spalding County Sheriff’s Office as a detention center officer, first joining them in 2015.

He was sworn in as a uniformed patrol deputy in 2017.

He worked his way up through SWAT, becoming a shift supervisor — until he was ambushed.

McIntyre would join the Army in 1988, first serving in the U.S. Army’s 5th Ranger Training Battalion at Fort Benning. There he would serve as a rifleman in the Ranger Support Element, battalion armorer, and assistant munitions NCO.

In 1991, he would be shipped overseas to Berlin as the Berlin Wall was being dismantled. Serving as a team leader in the USAREUR and the 7th Army, he would oversee escorting highly classified materials and the guarding of sensitive facilities.

He would also be assigned to the protection of special dignitaries.

During his time in Germany, he would compete and win a silver medal in a pistol/rifle annual competition against 16 NATO countries.

He was also only one of eight soldiers to be awarded the German Marine Corps weapons qualification badge.

McIntyre could come back to the States in 1994 to be a squad leader of 10 soldiers overseeing the security at several highly sensitive Army installations in metro Atlanta stationed out of Fort McPherson.

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