Arianna Kamal and parents Teena, Rakesh:Family members found dead in Dover mansion

Dover couple Teena, Rakesh

Dover couple Teena, Rakesh and their teenage daughter, Arianna Kamal have been found dead inside their $5.9 million mansion just days after Christmas.

Rakesh Kamal is 57 years, Teena Kamal is 54, and Arianna Kamal is 18.

Arianna Kamal is a Middlebury College student.

Police were called to the family’s upscale 27-room home in Dover, Massachusetts, about 20 miles west of Boston, on Thursday evening after a relative stopped by the house and saw a dead body.

That family member lives in the area and had been in contact with the Kamal family but had not heard from them in a “day or two,” Norfolk District Attorney Michael W. Morrissey’s office said.

Police then responded to the residence at 8 Wilson’s Way, where they found the three dead.

The investigation is at “a very preliminary stage,” Morrissey’s office said, but officials believe the incident did not involve any outside party. There were no signs of a break-in at the home, and the evidence points to this being a “deadly incident of domestic violence,” they said. There is not believed to be any ongoing danger to the Dover community.

Rakesh and Teena Kamal were married, Morrissey said.

There were no other members of the family living at the home besides Arianna, the college student.

A gun was found at the crime scene, Morrissey said. He did not definitively classify the incident as a murder-suicide, or specify exactly where the gun and the bodies were found inside the home.

“It was found near the husband, I’ll just leave it at that,” Morrissey said of the gun.

There were no prior police calls to the home, he said.

“There’s been no police reports, there’s been no problems, no domestic issues, no nothing at that house or in the entire neighborhood that I’m aware of,” Morrissey said.

The property at 8 Wilson’s Way is a massive, 19,000-square-foot estate with 11 bedrooms and 13 bathrooms, according to a listing on Redfin, a real estate site.

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