Man and woman proud of themselves as they tie the knot as virgins

Man and woman proud of themselves as they tie the knot as virgins

A 29-year-old man, Oghale Ighele and his 28-year-old bride, Clementina Agbate have tied the knot as virgins in a glamourous ceremony in Lagos State.

The officiating minister at their wedding in Holy Spirit Mission at Marcillina’s Place, GRA Ikeja, revealed that the couple were virgins up till the point of their matrimony.

According to the groom, he and his wife resolved to keep themselves till their wedding night, which they did despite several temptations.

In an interview with the Sun, Oghale further noted that his Christian upbringing and the quality advice he got from his parents made this possible.

He said; “While I was growing up, my parents kept hammering on the need for me to keep myself and never mess up and I heeded their advice. I tried to make friends who would not deceive me into having s*x before marriage. I was also fully involved in church activities and I thank God for guiding me.”

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On her part, the bride said she resolved to marry as a virgin; a goal she is proud of achieving despite countless temptations.

“I am happy and fulfilled marrying as a virgin, though it was not an easy thing to do. I took the decision of remaining a virgin till I get married when I was a teenager. Meanwhile, I grew up in a Christian home. So, I had to keep myself.

It was not easy for me. I was severally tempted by my lecturers while in the university. Friends also tried to lure me into fornication and men asked me out. In fact, I went through so many challenges. But what guided me was God and my principle,” Clementina said.

The proud father of the groom, Bishop Igbele also revealed that Oghale isn’t his only child that married as a virgin.

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