5 Simple And Easy Ways To Break Up With Someone You No Longer Love


5 Simple Ways To Break Up With Someone You No Longer Love

Whenever people find themselves in a toxic relationship, love becomes difficult for them to step out of it.

Sometimes , they just don’t know how to leave and as a result decide to stay and suffer.

Instead of waiting for your partner to get angry before asking for a breakup, below are 5 easy ways to get things done.

1.   Check the length of the love relationship

It is a different case when the relationship had only been for a couple of months, but when it is the type which has lasted for more than a year, then be careful about it.


It should be a face to face process because it will help in their healing and also make them respect you. Your kindness and understanding will be noticed.

2.   Be short and sweet

It is difficult to walk away from a relationship especially when your partner is asking for another chance. However, in order to make them understand the situation, be kind as possible and make it clear.

You can tell them you are probably not a good fit for them or you want to focus on your career or something very important.

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3.   The right Time

Another thing you should do is time when to ask for the breakup. It is mostly bad when people wait for their partner to get them angry or rather angry before asking for the breakup.

However, as said earlier, be kind and sweet when asking for a breakup. Don’t make them anxious about it, be prepared to take full responsibilities too for the breakup.

4.   Don’t call for argument

Don’t call for argument, the best approach in breaking up is first acknowledging their feelings before rushing. Make it as clear as you can and in case they try to stop you, stay firm to the decision.

5.   Think about you

You won’t be happy if someone wanted a breakup with you therefore before breaking up, put yourself in their shoes and look for the best possible way to end things.

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