Jose Osorio: How a Rhode Island woman unknowingly drove to work with half-naked man in her car

Jose Osorio

Amanda Kean, a Rhode Island woman who was driving to her job in Massachusetts made an alarming discovery when she arrived — a mostly naked man was lying in the back of her SUV, authorities said Wednesday.

Jose Osorio, a 21-year-old from Providence, has been charged with breaking and entering into a vehicle after the driver, identified by WJAR as Amanda Kean, allegedly discovered him when she arrived early Monday at her Honey Dew Donuts job in Easton.

“I don’t know how to put it into words,” Kean told the station. “It really took my mind a minute for me to understand what I was seeing.” 

Kean reportedly said she drove 45 minutes to work that night – including a gas stop – and was using headphones to listen to a true crime podcast during the commute.

“I hear moaning, like a moaning noise. I pause my podcast and I roll down my window because [I wanted to] check outside,” she told WJAR. “I rolled down the window and I heard it again, and I realized it was not coming from outside of my truck, it was coming from inside of my truck.” 

The Easton Police Department says it then responded to a 911 call and upon arrival, “officers spoke with the victim and learned that she had traveled from her Providence, Rhode Island home to the Town of Easton in her Chevrolet Tahoe… [before] she observed a partially naked male laying on the floor in rear of her vehicle.” 

Investigators say they believe Jose Osorio entered the vehicle after Kean started it up outside her home and then went back inside for a short period of time.

“Officers located Osorio in the rear of the vehicle sleeping. He was partially clothed, with a pair of shorts around one leg and a shirt wrapped around one arm, leaving the rest of his body uncovered,” police said in a statement.

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