Jean Muggli, Isabella Strahan mother: Bio, age parents & other facts

Jean Muggli, Isabella Strahan mother
Jean Muggli, Isabella Strahan mother

Jean Muggli is the mother of Isabella Strahan and ex-wife of former NFL star Michael Strahan.

In 1999, Michael married Jean Muggli. After seven years, their marriage fell apart, and a nasty legal battle ensued. Jean filed a domestic violence complaint against Michael days before he filed for divorce.

In a statement to the New York Post, Jean’s lawyer claimed that Michael was abusive to Jean throughout their time together. “The violent and abusive relationship can be medically verified,” Jean’s attorney, Ellen Marshall said.

Michael vehemently denied the accusations.

All about Jean Muggli

Isabella Strahan mother, Jean Muggli was born on November 30, 1964 in North Dakota, United States.

Currently, she is 59 years old.

Jean is reportedly the manager of a cosmetics store in New York City.

She was born into the family of Mary Banning and Anthony Alphonse Muggli, who lived to be 67 before his death in 2000.

For her education, the former celebrity wife went to Carson High School in North Dakota.

From there, she remained close to home when she went to North Dakota State University.

Parents and siblings

She grew up on a farm in the Carson Area, as her parents were farmers who lived their entire lives after the birth of their daughter farming.

Before her birth, her father once served with the US military and was posted to Germany for some time. Jean was raised in a catholic family that was very large.

She had three brothers and three sisters.

What Is Jean Muggli Doing Now?

Unfortunately, Jean Muggli found herself in the headlines once again in 2021.

Before that, Muggli had been involved with a woman named Marianne Ayer, but their relationship did not last long.

Their break-up must have not sat well with Muggli, because her entire demeanor changed following the split.

According to Ayer, Muggli began harassing her following their breakup.

The harassment was bad enough that Ayer felt the need to take legal action against Muggli, and she filed for protection in order to keep Muggli away from her.

Even though Marianne Ayer got an order of protection against Jean Muggli, that was not the end of things. In June 2021, Jean Muggli was arrested for violating the order for protection that Ayer had against her. Muggli had reportedly showed up at Ayer’s residence in New York City.

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