I Have Not Dated Anyone In The Movie Industry – Fred Amugi

I Have Not Dated Anyone In The Movie Industry - Fred Amugi

Veteran Ghanaian actor, Fred Amugi has stated emphatically that he has not had any intimidate relationship with a colleague actress ever since he started acting and does not plan on having any.

The actor made this assertion on Bola Ray’s Star Chat show on Wednesday when he was asked if he has ever dated a colleague in the movie industry. “I haven’t dated any actress in the industry. If it is school,  fine, but for film I can assure you I haven’t done that yet. I have been tempted many times.”

As monitored by, Fred Amugi touched on sex for movie roles saying it exists in every working space in life. He added that he has personally not put anyone through that promise of assuring roles after sex because he himself is under a management that ensures he gets roles to play every now and then. “As for that one it is everywhere. I wish one person could come out and say Fred Amugi did this to me”.

Responding to how his issues with actress Rosemond Brown occurred,  he said he happened to be in the same management with the actress and was surprised that the whole issue popped out,  noting that he never had an affair with the actress. He added that he saw that move as a deliberate one for the rise to fame by the actress. “She was in our management group. We were just platonic friends. Those who know who I am know me.  It got to me because my wife asked who that girl was and she wanted to ride on me to fame. She used me to get attention”. He added that he doesn’t care what people think about the issue anymore maintaining that we are all humans and have the right to think whatever we want to think about.


The actor who turned 70 some few months back disclosed that he has realized some actors and movie makers are turning to black magic for fame, a situation he described as very unfortunate. “People go into acting just to become famous. It has come to my notice that people are using black magic to get roles for acting scenes and that goes with the present crop of actors.  Even among the producers.” He entreated the young generation to be prayerful.

Asked by the host Bola Ray on whether acting is paying well enough, he responded by saying yes and added that his generation didn’t act for money but it has paid off for people like him after a long while. “Right now, I’ll say yes. Some of us do it for the passion  we have, not for the money.”

He blamed the issue of bad content in movies on regulatory authorities who he thinks have failed at their jobs and called for more action to be taken to regulate the content put out there which isn’t good. “I’ll blame our censorship board.  They just let go things. Gone were the days when the censorship board will not let your work go out because of something small”.

By : K.Oteng/ Gh Links

Written by K Oteng

K.Oteng is a reporter and editor for based in Accra-Ghana

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