Heather Ann Dibert: The truth about how a Duncansville woman hired a man to kill estranged wife’s family

Heather Ann Dibert
Heather Ann Dibert

A Pennsylvania woman, Heather Ann Dibert, 43, has been arrested and charged with multiple felonies and misdemeanors for allegedly hiring a man to burn down the home where her estranged wife and family were staying.

The charges stem from an incident that occurred on October 28th, 2023, in Napier Township, Pennsylvania.

According to police, Heather Ann Dibert allegedly paid 34-year-old Zachery Sellers money and drugs to set fire to the home shortly after midnight.

Establishing an Alibi While Orchestrating Arson

Authorities believe Heather Ann Dibert attempted to create an alibi by traveling to a West Virginia strip club at the time of the planned arson.

However, investigators tracked her phone location, revealing she was in the vicinity of the home before and after the incident.

Phone Data Paints a Clear Picture

Cellphone data analysis showed Dibert’s phone and Sellers’ phone pinging in the same areas, specifically Lewistown, approximately 112 miles away, before their movements diverged.

Dibert then proceeded to Martinsburg, West Virginia, searching for a strip club, seemingly trying to distance herself from the scene.

Sellers, meanwhile, remained near the home until around midnight, when he allegedly set the porch on fire.

Both individuals returned to their respective locations after the arson.

Family Extinguishes Fire, Preventing Tragedy

Fortunately, the family inside the home was able to extinguish the fire before it caused significant damage. The flames primarily affected the porch, vinyl siding, and some outdoor items.

Man Confesses to Arson and Dibert’s Alleged Murder Plot

Sellers, arrested on December 12th, admitted to police that Dibert offered him drugs and money to burn down the house. He further claimed that upon learning people, including children, were inside, he questioned the plan. Dibert allegedly responded with the chilling words, “Kill them all.”

Prior Threats and Restraining Order Violations Raise Concerns

Police noted that Dibert had no prior contact with Sellers before October 18th, the same day she was charged with terroristic threats against her estranged wife’s father.

Additionally, she faced a separate arrest on November 17th for violating a protection-from-abuse order filed by her wife.

Facing Serious Charges

Heather Ann Dibert is currently facing a total of 32 charges, including conspiring to commit murder, solicitation of aggravated assault, solicitation of homicide, and conspiracy of aggravated arson. Sellers is also facing similar charges, excluding the “conspiracy” aspect, with attempted homicide among his 32 charges.

This case continues to unfold, and further details are expected to emerge as legal proceedings progress.

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