Five Social Media Mistakes That Are Capable Of Damaging Your Relationship

Social Media Mistakes That Are Capable Of Damaging Your Relationship

Before the prevalence of social media, it appeared as though people kept a tight lid and lip on details pertaining to their relationships and acted accordingly.

However in this day and age, the authenticity that relationships ought to have is fading because of the role social media plays in them and the effects thereafter.

Discussed subsequently are some social media mistakes that are capable of damaging your relationship:

TO ASSUME THAT IF YOUR PARTNER IS NOT PARADING YOU ON SOCIAL MEDIA, IT’S A RED FLAG: Most often than not, people want to be shown off and tagged as the one in their partner’s life, so it’s easy to see why anyone would be quick to assume that not being paraded means you’re not being “claimed”. Knowing one’s partner is imperative, because each individual is different and approaches situations as they deem fit.

Not posting a partner might be a person’s way of just being private. The sure way to find out the motive behind not being posted is to know your partner to a point where his not showing you off is not odd and is rightly in line with his character or way of doing things i.e.,  if he/she is generally private, then it’s likely he’s just being himself.

TO ASSUME THAT BEING PARADED ON YOUR PARTNER’S SOCIAL MEDIA ACCOUNT(S) MEANS YOUR RELATIONSHIP HAS GOTTEN SERIOUS: Some people by nature are exhibitionists, for the fun of it. They flaunt and show what they want, how they want without needing much of a reason.

That is why being flaunted by a partner on social media doesn’t necessarily validate a relationship especially if your partner is one who generally doesn’t need a reason to parade things or situations on social media.

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COMPARING YOUR RELATIONSHIP TO OTHER PEOPLE’S RELATIONSHIPS: One common hashtag on social media is “#relationshipgoals” or “#goals”. This simply means aspiring to reach a relationship status someone has reached or any status in general. Rather than focusing on building a solid relationship, people fantasize about unrealistic relationships portrayed on social media because, that’s what social media sells to the public. It’s worth noting that people will always post their best moments on social media, and not their challenges. That is why you’re left with the responsibility to build a realistic and sustainable relationship, yourself.

CHANGING YOUR RELATIONSHIP STATUS ONLINE ANYTIME YOU GET INTO ARGUMENTS: One of the worst mistakes you can make on social media is to change your existing relationship status anytime there’s trouble in paradise. Not only is it an immature thing to do, it’s an indication of uncertainty and insecurity on your part.

POSTING YOUR PROBLEMS: Some people use social media as a venting avenue and pour out their frustrations. It could be quite therapeutic when done in the right way and the right people who have your best interest at heart and give good and sustainable advice. However, when it’s left for vultures to devour, it does no good.

Hopefully, you’ll avoid these social media mistakes and be content with your relationship and/or work towards building a healthier version of it.

By Ferguson/ Gh Links

Written by Eugene Nyavor

Eugene Nyavor is the Founding Editor at Gh Links.

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