Erica Black: Florida woman , 32, charged for drowning her own pet in a swimming pool

Erica Black
Erica Black

Erica Black, a 32 year old woman from Florida has been charged for drowning her own pet in a swimming pool and live-streaming the dead body.

Erica Black who was charged by the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office noted that Black was already in the county jail for aggravated battery with a deadly weapon after she stabbed a 68-year-old man twice.

In a video posted to social media on Thursday, Brevard County Sheriff Wayne Ivy described 32-year-old Erica Black as a “sorry individual.”

“This woman, Erica Black, is without question the most despicable excuse for a human being I’ve ever seen in my life,” he said.

Handed in by her roommate, the footage showed Black stepping into the pool, carrying her Chihuahua in her arms.

She then knelt down and held the dog under the water, while it visibly struggled.

The department did not release the full video of the incident – brought to them by Black’s roommate – but the camera showed when she held the dog underneath the water for several minutes.

Watch video below

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